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Is Your Home-Based Business Be-Dazzling or Be-Scamming?

Home based businesses are growing daily on the Web. These websites
owned by sole proprietors, family owned business, and small business
owners must compete with Fortune 500 companies.
How a website is perceived by the Internet consumers can determine
whether a business is successful or a dazzling failure.

In the early days, the mom & pop business that was operated out
of the garage was represented on the Internet as a home made
quaint little website that gave the consumer some trust that this
business was legitimate.

The potential customer felt they could do
business with this small company because the perception was the
website was created by the small business owner who is working hard to grow their
business on the World Wide Web.

As the popularity and profitability of the Internet grew, there was
an onslaught of shady business owners with splashy, flashy websites that
promised the world and delivered nothing. Online opportunity seekers
spent thousands of dollars
in cyberspace and received nothing for their hard earned money.

After a while these high priced websites were perceived as SCAM
central. Internet users were getting smarter and started clicking away
from these websites.

The down side to the scenario is that legitimate internet marketers
who understood web design started building sleeker, cleaner sites.
These legitimate small business owners were all lumped together
with the scam sites. It was difficult for the Internet consumer to make
a distinction between legitimate and non-legitimate sites.

As a result of these dazzling colorful sites, Internet consumers
perceived these glossy sites as either SPAM/SCAM or X-rated.
Consumers became leary of these sites and avoided providing any

The amount of Spam that accompanied signing up
at one of these flashy sights resulted in tons of Spam in email
boxes. The smart consumers avoided these fancy websites like the plague.

These websites using multimedia with the dazzling
displays of colors and sounds were intended to impress the Internet surfer.
But there was the opposite reaction. Surfers regarded these sites as off limits.

Now the Internet has come full circle. Small businesses must compete with Fortune
500 companies who have a strong presence on the Internet. The Fortune 500 companies
have the technology and the money to create the best professional sites money can buy.

The mom & pop sites are no longer a standard to determine legitimacy.
Web surfers are sophisticated consumers who want to see a well designed site that
can be navigated seamlessly. Websites do not have to dazzle but they do have to look
professional and be well designed.

This shift in perception can enhance or destroy your business. Keeping your website
up to date using modern technology will enhance your business presence.

A hastily constructed home made website is no longer the standard that Internet shoppers
look for when determining the legitimacy of your business. The old mom and pop small business
look is passé.

The new business websites are sleek clean business cards that speak to the needs and
wants of the Internet community. Superb copywriters create the words and phrases that
pull customers into the site and lead the customer to the payment gateway.

The perception of the Internet buyer has changed – so must the face that you provide
to the Internet community.

This entire Internet may be all perception in all about perception. The customer
can not meet you face to face. The customer depends on your website to
determine your legitimacy. Since your business is your most important asset,
putting your best face forward is an important move.

Discover 6 Remarkable Ways to Make Money Through Home Based Business

One of the best things about globalization is telecommuting. Home base businesses are steadily increasing. Thanks to free trade and rapid technological advances. Even those with steady jobs are jumping on the bandwagon, recognizing the potential these businesses as lucrative retirement cash cows. Anyone with a pc and internet connection can successfully set shop. Discover these 6 remarkable ways to make money through home based business:

1. Tap into neglected markets. A friend of mine recently put up a gay website. He noticed that certain non-porn gay websites ranked high in traffic worldwide and yet these sites are comparatively few. By the way, he is not even gay.

2. Join the fray if the market is not saturated. An opportunity is an opportunity, if the demand is big even if there are many players in the field you can still play as long as you have something to offer that is competitive in terms of quality and price.

3. Create a website and regularly update it. A website is a cheap and efficient way to reach out to your customers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. It is an ideal medium to let the market and industry know of your new products and achievements.

4. Keep it simple. You are running a home business, not a conglomerate. If your business reaches a level wherein an office space beckons then decide if you want to go down that road. Until then, keep it simple and keep your operations costs low.

5. Network. Build and nurture relationships with relevant players to your business such as customers, suppliers, distributors and even competitors. Strong relationships generate return business; lower manufacturing and distribution costs. A friendly relationship with competitors can blossom to partnerships or a mutually beneficial exchange of technologies.

6. Never underestimate the power of personal touch. No matter how high-tech this day and age is, nothing beats meeting face to face and sealing the deal with a handshake.

to Identify a Successful Home Based Business Opportunity in 5 Easy Steps

I think we can all agree that there are plenty of genuine and legitimate opportunities to succeed in starting your own home based business, and do it relatively short order. The internet has opened up the floodgates for smart, creative and passionate people to amp up their entrepreneurial options from the comfort of their own homes, kitchen tables or even king sized water beds the very comfortable spot one of my clients recently told me he runs his VERY successful online enterprise from… But again, with all of the great opportunities that exist, there certainly is an equal share of flies in the proverbial success ointment. How do we tell the difference when searching for the right company to align ourselves with? Well, there are NEVER any guarantees, but there ARE some simple safeguards you can use to help make sure you make a good, solid decision. Let’s take a look at my top 5.

1)Real Testimonials. Any good business understands the value that satisfied customers hold in communicating trust and value to prospective new business partners. A company you want to do business with will have lots of good testimonials from present customers, affiliates and or partners, and they will be PROMINENTLY displayed with identifiable information like full name, city, and if you are lucky, an email address or phone number to contact them through. Nothing sells service quite like a happy existing customer willing to stand up and say so.

2)Real Results. A good opportunity will have demonstrable and measurable results posted for your review. I want to know what realistically what the average affiliate or partner is making, what their conversion percentages are and a whole host of other important metrics before I consider sending referrals their way, or signing up myself. If there is ambiguous, airy fairy sorts of vague promises about what you COULD make without any clear reflection of what people presently ARE earning with their program, I would simply stay away.

3) Real Responsive. I recently referred several people to take a look at a web hosting company that I had heard good things about and was offering some services that I knew could be used by this particular couple. A big part of their pitch was customer service responsiveness and I confidently sent some prospective business their way. I come to find out that the people I referred sent an email prior to signing up that 4 days later remained unanswered. On the 5th day, they got a 3 line reply to a fairly detailed question. Not good customer service after all, huh? Not only did they lose THEIR business, they lost any future referrals I might send, and any one is my sphere of influence or circle of friends as well – simply because they feel a prompt reply was important. I do.

4)Real Community. This is huge, folks. Maybe even the SINGLE most important component or variable in choosing the right opportunity. All else being equal, a strong community will always produce better results for the individuals within the program. If you are buying into a web based service of some kind, you should ABSOLUTELY expect there to be an active and engaged forum of people participating on a DAILY basis. If you take a peek at their forums and it looks like a ghost town, simply stay away. Rarely will you find an opportunity that merits investing in where the fabric of the program, the people, aren’t involved in problem solving, trouble shooting and idea sharing in the forum.

5)Real Future. Again, VERY important. Does the business have a long term strategy? Are you buying a fad program, software service or something that has “legs” long-term? It can be tough to distinguish with some of the hyperbolic stuff that is being sold these days, but very simply – if the foundation of the program is built on helping you be successful long term through ethical and common sense business building protocols, you should be comfortable in using it as a framework to build a business that will endure. No matter what people may tell you, the same viable opportunities for making money today, will exist a decade from now. The rules may change a little bit, the technology will evolve as well – but as long as people remain the same, the opportunities to do good and profit won’t change at all.

Remember, you have to pick and choose what is most comfortable for you and your goals, but you can’t go wrong with some hard work, a lot of passion and leveraging the power of available tools and technology to help you get where you want to be. Use the 5 rules I use when evaluating an opportunity and you won’t go wrong – you have my word on it! Good luck… 🙂

3 Ways to Improve Profits for Your Home Business

Home based business people all lead a very comfortable life, since most have the flexibility to choose what time to wake up and what time to start work. However it is important for them to continue to improve themselves and their businesses, so that they can increase the profitability. This involves looking into the business system, to identify improvement areas.

Here are three common area where a home based businesses can be tweaked to increase profitability:

1. Focusing on the customer, not yourself.

In any business there is in the world, there is an involvement of the movement of products and/or services. This means that if you focus on the customer and not yourself, you will understand the demands of the customer better, and thus be able to provide better products. With that you can charge higher for your products, increasing profitability.

2. Plan for the year ahead.

Many home based business people take business day by day, and if there was any forward planning, it was for a short period only. It is important to take time to think about what is going to happen one year ahead. Will what you are selling be still hot in the markets? For those dealing on the Internet, what are the trends on the Internet that are going to take place? Should you start to learn some new technologies? If so, when are you going to allocate time to start learning these technologies? Is it time for you to wake up an hour earlier each day to read up, instead of lazing in bed?

3. Tweak your offline business processes.

Whether or not you are doing your business online, every business requires some offline administrative work, like accounting and book keeping, or even filing of documents. Can these processes be tweaked to save more time? Are these getting into your time where you can do more productive work? If so, is it time that you find someone to outsource it to? Remember that the only activity that makes money for a business is the sales and marketing. Focus your effort on these activities, and try to outsource any other activities!

These are, of course, just three of the areas where home business owners can look into to increase their profits. In fact, I would recommend that every business owner do a monthly review of their business processes, and see what else can be tweaked to improve their business. It is only with a consistent and constant desire to improve, can someone achieve financial freedom.

Home Based Business Emphasizing Educational Opportunities

We all are aware of how fast our informational environment is changing. It is difficult for many of us to look back on our lives and see how information has exploded. For instance, the average physician knows that the knowledge he or she has today will be either irrelevant or out dated in seven years . In other words, medical knowledge doubles every seven years.

All we have to do is to hear the news to inform us how our American students score below students in other advanced economies. This information uses every measurable method to evaluate achievement . This is disappointing as we spend more per student than any other country in the world. The results are that high school students are less prepared for college. Fewer than half of them will be able to achieve a degree in four years, and 28 percent of them will have to take remedial math and English.

Because of these deficits, many parents are seeking help for their children so that they can make up for the deficits that they have upon graduating from the public school system. In the past this extra tutoring has been done in the home by an on site tutor. In today’s information age, there is a great demand for online tutoring. These parents are seeking help for their children so that they can meet the demands of passing tests and courses. The ultimate goal is for them to be adequately educated for a competitive job market.

Because the information age is changing so fast, adults also have a demand for ongoing education. It is estimated that only one in five adults in America have the work skills and education to be competitive in the world economy. The speed of change in technology and service to technology will require continuing educational resources. In order to keep up with these changes, we need to develop a desire for life long learning so that we can remain economically viable.

The above discussed needs provide the basis for a home business based on information. Many times after a student completes a college or university course, they realize that they want to learn more. They will then seek a resource for a tutor to continue the learning process. This consulting and teaching can take the form of as many ideas that you can think of including technical writing, photography, home improvements, cooking etc. This training is increasingly becoming an internet phenomenon which provides a grand opportunity for a home based business. This e-learning can include ideas such as professional trainers, tutors, and even designing eline software.

There can be no doubt in any of our minds that the demand for new knowledge will be ever increasing. Every generation will learn more at a younger age than did the generation before them. For those of you that are looking for a nice opportunity to combine information and education in a home based business, this should be more than challenging. May you achieve success in your endeavors.

Word verification for the day:What is the reason we call a gratuity a “tip”?In the past in English pubs it was customary to drop a coin for the benefit of the waiters into a box on the wall. On the box was a little sign that said “to insure promptness”. Later just the initials of the phrase were put on the box–TIP.

Fatal Mistake of Home Based Business Tips

It may be that your ideal for home-based business may have a national market. Its wiser to start smaller if you don’t have a lot of initial capital. If you have access to capital, that’s a different story.

But you don’t have to make it that big to be a financial success. You can make thousands of dollars a week from your own home without having to invest very much capital for business start-up.

Being Your Own Boss: There are many sad stories around this country about people who dreamed big, who had a good ideal, but who couldn’t summon up the courage to take it any further than their own thoughts. Afraid to take a chance, they passed up the risks and the rewards of striking out on their own. At the end of their lives there is always that doubt, always that wonder, always that speculation, about what their lives would have been like if they only taken that one chance.

The independence that comes with being your own boss also calls for rigid discipline on your part. Because you are the one setting your own hours, there is no one to tell you what time to start, what time to knock off, what time to take launch or how much work must be accomplished each and every day. This is the drill you must teach yourself.

The Contingent Workforce: Products evolve so much faster today, and the improvement in technology can mean the need for less human involvement.

But technology has a bright side. Computers, fax machines, modems and telephone answering machines have evolved to reasonably priced equipment which can make you an instant player in whatever field you choose to work when set up in your own home business.

Choosing Your Home-Based Career: There is one thing you can count on when you being your own business. You wont be bored. There are plenty of details to work out; a number of tasks that await each day. You wont find yourself looking at the clock very often, that’s for sure!

If you hate the job you’re currently doing, wouldn’t it be great to work at something you truly love? Especially if what you love has an interest for others enough interest to have someone put down a few bucks for your product or service.

There are a few businesses that you can get up and running quickly if time is of the essence. Home-based businesses are the chances of a lifetime for many of us.

Quick Tips For Getting Your Home Based Business Online

The advantages of starting a home based business outweigh the time and small expense involved in setting up a viable business. For the long term, the overhead costs for starting a business in your home are very low. The government provides several tax incentives for individuals who have businesses set up in their home. There are some strict rules and regulations that must be met to qualify for the home-based business deduction but once confirmed, the tax refunds for having a home based business are very lucrative.

In addition to the tax advantages, home based business owners have no daily transportation expenses. home based business owner has unlimited flexibility in balancing work and family commitments. Using technology for communication and business processes makes working from home a sensible and practical solution to the high price of gasoline, commuting time and costs of buying new clothes.

Home-based businesses play a crucial role in the free enterprise system. These entrepreneurs contribute to the overall economy as well as the financial viability of their families. The ultimate dream of a home based business is to provide financial independence for the owner, their family and the community at large..

Some of the most widely recognized software retailers and cosmetic companies had their beginning in a garage. Companies like Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Microsoft, Lotus and even the cosmetic giant, Mary Kay, were initially started as home based business enterprises.

But, like any other type of business, a home-based business requires initial preparation, start-up capital, registration and ongoing marketing. Home based business are traditionally set up as a sole proprietorship. The home based business owner has to be an expert in all phases of the business. At some time in the business start up process, the home based business owner must know the details of the operational, strategic, legal, financial and marketing concerns.

The following checklist covers the essential points to help you stay focused so that you can set up your own home-based business.

Plan to Succeed

Every business needs to create a comprehensive business plan. The business plan will focus your efforts from selecting a product to sell all the way to the actual marketing of the product. This plan will cause ideas to generate and perhaps new methods of distribution for your business.

The basic business plan contains a, executive summary, mission statement, marketing plans and profits that you want to achieve. The business plan is the blueprint that will guide you to your desired results. It is of utmost importance to prepare a draft of your business plan. The business plan will keep you on focused on your goals. If you intend to seek any type of funding for your business, it is imperative that a business plan is part of the start-up process.

Selecting the Business Structure

The selection of your long term goals for your business will determine which structure you chose for your business. The choices include:

o Sole Proprietorship
o Partnership
o Corporation

There are several different types of Corporation structures that you can choose. There are specific tax implications for each of the choices listed. Deciding on the business structure for your home based business enterprise is perhaps one of the most critical decisions you will make.

You can search online to find out the specific requirements for each of the business structures listed. Your decision will have far-reaching consequences and will depend on important factors like capital, ability to do business in specific locations and the type of your business you are starting.

To register or not to register?

It is important for all legitimate business to register their business name. For tax and other proprietary purposes you should secure all necessary business licenses. Registering your business protects the name of your business. It is also important to become aware of the compliance requirements in your area. Local zoning regulations should be acquired to assure you that the business does not contravene local zoning laws.

Insurance for Your Business?

It is just smart to purchase insurance for your new business if you need to acquire financing. Business insurance is a prerequisite of lending institutions in case you plan to borrow money for your startup operations For online businesses that do not sell physical products, having insurance is a choice.

Purchase Equipments

Remember to keep all of your receipts when you purchase any office equipments or supplies. Your new computer, fax, printer, cell phone stationary supplies, and business cards are necessary business tools and are all tax deductible for your new business.

Time Management

Home-based entrepreneurs also require better time management skills than a corporate employee. Home based business owners must learn how to leverage their time and money. It is easy to get off track when your office is located in your garage, a den or the basement. Decide how much time you will devote to your business each day and stick to your time schedule.

Automate as much of your business as possible so that you are always available to your customers. Schedule each phase of your business day and set up systems that will automatically reply to inquiries. Automation of your menial tasks is a critical element in your overall time management strategy.

Web Site

Businesses are longer restricted to brick and mortar locations. There are no limits to the number of customers that home based business owners can acquire. The home based business owner can no longer limit themselves to doing business in their local community. The Internet allows global business interaction from anywhere in the world. Having one website may not be sufficient to accomplish the level of success that a home based business owner requires.

Home-based businesses compensate for their lack of a physical presence with a virtual presence in the World Wide Web. This presence may take the shape of several websites on several domains.

Organization & Automation

To conduct business in a professional and efficient way, it is important to organize everyday tasks into simple automated processes. Your home office should include everything you need to complete a transaction. It is easier to stay on top of daily tasks when the work-space is well organized. It is so much easier to complete the daily grunt work when these menial tasks are automated.

Inventory and Supplies

For home based business owners who sell physical products, it is important that these products are kept in a specified location. If you use your garage to keep stock you need to know the exact dimensions of your garage that is designated for this purpose. The best way to handle stock is to have the company send and maintain the bulk of your inventory. This eliminates a time lag for your customers. If you sell digital products, this process is handled automatically.

Open the Door and Let Business Begin

You are now ready to open the virtual doors of your home based business to the global community. You have completed all the steps to insure that your business will be successful. You have a product, a website that allows you into the global marketplace.

Gina Sands is graduate of the University of Texas in Arlington. she is the mother of miracle twin daughter and “Nana” to an amazing skateboarder that we nicknamed Tre’ He is third generation. Gina is owner of Dream Businesses and writes articles on creating and maintaining your own unique dream biz online. She writes articles about Making Money Online. Gina is dedicated to finding the most efficient/inexpensive resources to help other home based business entrepreneurs save money as well as make money on the Internet.

Be Successful in Your Home Based Business

You all know that our society has changed, some for the good and some for the bad. I will argue that the changes in your home based businesses are for the better. Now you can leverage the power of technology to reach those people who before this technology were just not reachable to you. Allow me to bring you aboard with this ‘new school”.

So you ask just what has changed. Well as I stated before, our society has changed. So you also want to know why the old way of doing things will not work. The reason the old techniques use to work is because they were developed in a time of history when the country was just getting out of World War Two. Everyone was ebullient and very entrepreneurial and the development of the country’s first suburbs had just begun. Everyone loved their neighborhoods and really loved getting together for such things as picnics. So one-on-one meetings and home parties were the communication of the day and everyone accepted that form of communication. We trusted each other because we knew each other.

But today we are all very busy. You barely have time to get to know your neighbor let alone the people on the next street. And as you all know we all became very skeptical of anything new. We have attempted to fill this void by going online and meeting people there, thus the new school.

Now the trend is much stronger. Today, we are all online searching for information every day. One highly desired skill is learning how to position yourself in the pathway of consumption. Those who have mastered this skill have become millionaires, built huge organizations and generally redefined the shape of entire industries (like your home based business).

So I have said to you that opportunity waits. Even better, this will allow you to tailor your income according to how hard you wish to work. You simply can pick your income level; you need not work as hard as those millionaires.

Now do not get me wrong, when you start out, you surely have to exert effort in order to put these principles into action. Action is the only thing that will bring you results and if you are an entrepreneur, action is the only way. Just remember this type of strategy in growing your business allows you to scale your income and your work ethic, thus you can now find a balance that will allow you to achieve your chosen lifestyle. Make the effort and I can tell you from my personal experience that your rewards will be more than worth the effort. So always remember that “positioning “is your key and as always you must live well to be well.

Energy Efficient Products and Services

Have you ever taken a look at a home based business in the network marketing or direct sales sector? If the answer is yes, that’s fantastic; you have an idea of what network marketing is all about. The awesome thing about a home based business idea in network marketing is that the cost to start your business and buy into a proven system is minimal. Most home based business ideas in the network marketing sector are pretty much under $1000.00 and most are $500 or less. Now we come to the success rate of people who start businesses in the network marketing sector for under $1000. What I have noticed is that when you have not mortgaged your home and entered into a major contract with another company somehow the urgency of owning the home based business and the drive to succeed seem to diminish. Before we ever get into the various products and services available in the network marketing sector in today’s climate we have to discuss the psyche of the person wanting the freedom they are requesting. I have spoken to so many people who start out with a bang and kind of loose their gusto in 3-5 weeks. Sometimes people will last for about 4-6 months then the fire diminishes. Why is that? Well, I know one thing, if I had 50k or more invested into a home based business idea it would not take 4-6 months before I throw my life savings away.  Although, since many network marketing business are under $1000, most people don’t have enough on the line to take their network marketing home based business ideas seriously enough to succeed.  Let’s assume you have the drive to move past that 4-6 month mark. This seems to be the mark where unsuccessful people stop and successful people continue to push forward.  Now you have to decipher if you are in the right business model for optimal success.

Most network marketing companies have traditionally been in the cosmetic, weight loss and health and wellness sectors. In recent history (the last 15 years) there has also been a big surge of technology home based business ideas also such as cell phone businesses, satellite home based business, Wi-Fi home based businesses and others. Even more recently, in the last five years to be exact, there has been a huge push in the energy efficient products and services industry.  

I get excited when I think about the history already made by the first two residential energy companies to offer their services to consumers by way of the network marketing home based business model.  According to Jim Melloan, project manager of the Inc. 500/5000 project Stream Energy grossed $848,000,000.00 for the year 2009.  This company was founded in 2004 and officially started doing business in March of 2005 in Texas.  Home based business owners are able to start a business with this company for less than $500 and are able to refer their friends and family to save money on their electricity and/or gas bills.  They later expanded to Georgia in 2008 and are now expanding to Pennsylvania. 

Next we have another notable company named Ambit Energy, founded in Texas in 2006; it followed Ignite’s footsteps offering the home based business idea for less than $500 in the Texas market.  It soon expanded to New York in 2007 and Illinois in 2008.  I know because I was part of the excitement!  In 2009 the company had a record 20,369.4 percent growth with revenue at $325,000,000.00!  So with these numbers in the home based business/network marketing sector you would assume there are some winners that are just like you and I, who are making a percentage of that success right?  Of course there are and I witnessed this happen first hand.  For under $500 in both companies, multi-millionaires were created!  There are several thousandaires and many people who have found an additional income that has saved them from foreclosure, replaced car payments, paid for their children’s educations and much more! 

So far I have discussed two companies with astounding numbers reported that concentrate on doing one thing, saving the average family money on their electricity bill.  There’s another trend happening in the energy business.  A new company called America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC has emerged offering a home based business in the same space but with a few tweaks!  For one, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC aka AMA Nation was founded in October 2009.  Peter Jensen, Robert Gries and Scott Turner came together to offer a home based business opportunity in the network marketing sector with the product once again being residential electricity. AMA Nation started out in Connecticut, and then soon expanded to New York City.  Over the last year they have have a lot more territory than the first two.  Currently, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC is the marketing arm for several suppliers which allows them to provide this home based business idea in 8 states for opportunity seekers wishing to concentrate on the residential market which include NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, PA, MD and TX (soon to be 9 with IL)!  So with the astounding numbers posted by Ignite and Ambit in only two and three states respectively, AMA Nation will certainly shock the industry with their three-year numbers.  Now here’s another shocker, by July of 2010 America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC has also allowed their home based business opportunity seekers to acquire business in the commercial sector of energy deregulation as well. Opportunity seekers looking for home based business ideas are also able to do business in 15 states on the large commercial side of energy deregulation.  So when it comes to energy deregulation, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC now has the largest footprint in the industry.  By August of 2010, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC also added over 200 energy efficient products and services to its repertoire allowing home based business owners to also make money in other emerging markets such as solar panels, Led Lighting retrofits and much more.  The most impressive factor in all of this is that you have the income potential of a major franchise in a network marketing business model for less than $225.  So many people are recouping their initial investment within the first week of being self-employed in the energy business. 

My team and I have been getting many ideas about how to build our business from local news happening around the world!  For instance, the article titled All Agua Fria high schools will have solar panels written by AZ on 16, 2011 at 07:30 PM gave us the idea to start calling the schools our children attend to discuss the energy saving options and grants available.  Another article written by discussed how IKEA Aims to Extend Solar Power Trend to Costa Mesa which gave us the idea to start going after department stores and restaurants in the California area.  So with AMA Nation, my team of independent home based business owners and I have found this business model to be much more lucrative because we are able to tap into the entire energy efficient products and services industry. 

For more information on how you can start a home based business in the energy products and services industry contact Tene Williams, the top female income earner with America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC she has teamed up with several leaders in the industry and has helped hundreds of home based business owners see success with her hands on approach to seeing you to and through success without just the ra ra you see with other network marketing companies, but the knowledge and the training to help you close these large commercial projects and the wherewithal to train you where to look for business. Today, she is directing her Pennsylvania team to prepare for a major event happening in PA tomorrow 1/29/20. The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an article this morning letting consumers know that there will be a 1-day electricity bazaar to aid power-shoppers… and PECO will be on hand from noon to 6 pm near the food court at the Pavilion at King of Prussia Mall to explain electric deregulation.

Financial Freedom or Endless Struggle

Thousands of people a month are looking for an MLM home based business so they can sack their bosses and create financial freedom for themselves from the comfort of their own homes but this is not the case for 98% of the people who start in his industry and the major reason they fail is because they can’t generate enough home based business leads, without a consistent flow of leads you don’t have a business.

The home based business industry promotes financial freedom but in in reality the majority of people who enter into this industry with big dreams of creating wealth for themselves struggle to even quit there day job and there really is two major reasons why this is.

1 – They choose the wrong MLM home based business

2 – They can’t generate enough home based business leads

There is really thousands of network marketing companies to choose from when trying to find the right company for you and to make it even worse there are new companies launching all the time so where do you begin when searching for that right company that is going to allow you to have a successful MLM home based business?

I want to give you 5 main factors to look for when searching for that perfect company:

1 – The company needs to have a product that is in high demand and will be in high demand for years to come.

2 – Top tier compensation plan. (If you want to make money fast)

3 – The company needs to have an easy to follow system in place to ensure your success.

4 – A community of successful people within the company that you can connect with for assistance and guidance, there is nothing like learning from people that have led the way to success.

5 – You really want a company that you can feel proud to be partnering up with that way you will love your business and the work that you do in your business.

There are a lot of great companies out there and if you combine these 5 main factors I am sure that you will find a great company that will give you the ability to create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Finding a company to start an MLM home based business is going to be the easy part now you have to get to work selling the product and bringing people into your down line in order to create wealth, this all starts with home based business leads.

The old school way of finding prospects to join your business is by making a list of your friends and family then make a list of their friends and family, once you have done that hassle them until they either buy your products or join your business, now this procedure works for some people but there is evident reasons why these marketing methods will not work for the majority.

It is not expected that your friends and family will share the same dreams and goals that you have for running a flourishing MLM home based business so you will struggle to build a 6 figure income with home based business leads like this, so people do but the majority of the people who enter into this industry will struggle.

This industry has changed and the way you can create free MLM leads has changed thanks to the technology that we have available these days, thanks to the internet it has never been easier to generate 50+ home based business leads every single day to talk to about your business opportunity, could you envision the work you would have to do to put your business in front of even 30 people a day without the use of the internet?

So the second and the most main part to running a successful MLM home based business is having more MLM leads than time and when you have more leads than time your posture on the phone becomes more confident and you really don’t care if they join your business or not because you have another 49 people to talk to that day not to mention another 50 the next day and every day after.

If you are struggling in this industry or you are thinking of joining a company and starting an MLM home based business then you have to take your business into your own hands and learn how to generate home based business leads online, your goal should be to have at least 50+ leads per day this is not hard if you have the right online marketing training and you take steady action with your marketing.