to Identify a Successful Home Based Business Opportunity in 5 Easy Steps

I think we can all agree that there are plenty of genuine and legitimate opportunities to succeed in starting your own home based business, and do it relatively short order. The internet has opened up the floodgates for smart, creative and passionate people to amp up their entrepreneurial options from the comfort of their own homes, kitchen tables or even king sized water beds the very comfortable spot one of my clients recently told me he runs his VERY successful online enterprise from… But again, with all of the great opportunities that exist, there certainly is an equal share of flies in the proverbial success ointment. How do we tell the difference when searching for the right company to align ourselves with? Well, there are NEVER any guarantees, but there ARE some simple safeguards you can use to help make sure you make a good, solid decision. Let’s take a look at my top 5.

1)Real Testimonials. Any good business understands the value that satisfied customers hold in communicating trust and value to prospective new business partners. A company you want to do business with will have lots of good testimonials from present customers, affiliates and or partners, and they will be PROMINENTLY displayed with identifiable information like full name, city, and if you are lucky, an email address or phone number to contact them through. Nothing sells service quite like a happy existing customer willing to stand up and say so.

2)Real Results. A good opportunity will have demonstrable and measurable results posted for your review. I want to know what realistically what the average affiliate or partner is making, what their conversion percentages are and a whole host of other important metrics before I consider sending referrals their way, or signing up myself. If there is ambiguous, airy fairy sorts of vague promises about what you COULD make without any clear reflection of what people presently ARE earning with their program, I would simply stay away.

3) Real Responsive. I recently referred several people to take a look at a web hosting company that I had heard good things about and was offering some services that I knew could be used by this particular couple. A big part of their pitch was customer service responsiveness and I confidently sent some prospective business their way. I come to find out that the people I referred sent an email prior to signing up that 4 days later remained unanswered. On the 5th day, they got a 3 line reply to a fairly detailed question. Not good customer service after all, huh? Not only did they lose THEIR business, they lost any future referrals I might send, and any one is my sphere of influence or circle of friends as well – simply because they feel a prompt reply was important. I do.

4)Real Community. This is huge, folks. Maybe even the SINGLE most important component or variable in choosing the right opportunity. All else being equal, a strong community will always produce better results for the individuals within the program. If you are buying into a web based service of some kind, you should ABSOLUTELY expect there to be an active and engaged forum of people participating on a DAILY basis. If you take a peek at their forums and it looks like a ghost town, simply stay away. Rarely will you find an opportunity that merits investing in where the fabric of the program, the people, aren’t involved in problem solving, trouble shooting and idea sharing in the forum.

5)Real Future. Again, VERY important. Does the business have a long term strategy? Are you buying a fad program, software service or something that has “legs” long-term? It can be tough to distinguish with some of the hyperbolic stuff that is being sold these days, but very simply – if the foundation of the program is built on helping you be successful long term through ethical and common sense business building protocols, you should be comfortable in using it as a framework to build a business that will endure. No matter what people may tell you, the same viable opportunities for making money today, will exist a decade from now. The rules may change a little bit, the technology will evolve as well – but as long as people remain the same, the opportunities to do good and profit won’t change at all.

Remember, you have to pick and choose what is most comfortable for you and your goals, but you can’t go wrong with some hard work, a lot of passion and leveraging the power of available tools and technology to help you get where you want to be. Use the 5 rules I use when evaluating an opportunity and you won’t go wrong – you have my word on it! Good luck… 🙂


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