Is Your Home-Based Business Be-Dazzling or Be-Scamming?

Home based businesses are growing daily on the Web. These websites
owned by sole proprietors, family owned business, and small business
owners must compete with Fortune 500 companies.
How a website is perceived by the Internet consumers can determine
whether a business is successful or a dazzling failure.

In the early days, the mom & pop business that was operated out
of the garage was represented on the Internet as a home made
quaint little website that gave the consumer some trust that this
business was legitimate.

The potential customer felt they could do
business with this small company because the perception was the
website was created by the small business owner who is working hard to grow their
business on the World Wide Web.

As the popularity and profitability of the Internet grew, there was
an onslaught of shady business owners with splashy, flashy websites that
promised the world and delivered nothing. Online opportunity seekers
spent thousands of dollars
in cyberspace and received nothing for their hard earned money.

After a while these high priced websites were perceived as SCAM
central. Internet users were getting smarter and started clicking away
from these websites.

The down side to the scenario is that legitimate internet marketers
who understood web design started building sleeker, cleaner sites.
These legitimate small business owners were all lumped together
with the scam sites. It was difficult for the Internet consumer to make
a distinction between legitimate and non-legitimate sites.

As a result of these dazzling colorful sites, Internet consumers
perceived these glossy sites as either SPAM/SCAM or X-rated.
Consumers became leary of these sites and avoided providing any

The amount of Spam that accompanied signing up
at one of these flashy sights resulted in tons of Spam in email
boxes. The smart consumers avoided these fancy websites like the plague.

These websites using multimedia with the dazzling
displays of colors and sounds were intended to impress the Internet surfer.
But there was the opposite reaction. Surfers regarded these sites as off limits.

Now the Internet has come full circle. Small businesses must compete with Fortune
500 companies who have a strong presence on the Internet. The Fortune 500 companies
have the technology and the money to create the best professional sites money can buy.

The mom & pop sites are no longer a standard to determine legitimacy.
Web surfers are sophisticated consumers who want to see a well designed site that
can be navigated seamlessly. Websites do not have to dazzle but they do have to look
professional and be well designed.

This shift in perception can enhance or destroy your business. Keeping your website
up to date using modern technology will enhance your business presence.

A hastily constructed home made website is no longer the standard that Internet shoppers
look for when determining the legitimacy of your business. The old mom and pop small business
look is passé.

The new business websites are sleek clean business cards that speak to the needs and
wants of the Internet community. Superb copywriters create the words and phrases that
pull customers into the site and lead the customer to the payment gateway.

The perception of the Internet buyer has changed – so must the face that you provide
to the Internet community.

This entire Internet may be all perception in all about perception. The customer
can not meet you face to face. The customer depends on your website to
determine your legitimacy. Since your business is your most important asset,
putting your best face forward is an important move.

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