We all are aware of how fast our informational environment is changing. It is difficult for many of us to look back on our lives and see how information has exploded. For instance, the average physician knows that the knowledge he or she has today will be either irrelevant or out dated in seven years . In other words, medical knowledge doubles every seven years.

All we have to do is to hear the news to inform us how our American students score below students in other advanced economies. This information uses every measurable method to evaluate achievement . This is disappointing as we spend more per student than any other country in the world. The results are that high school students are less prepared for college. Fewer than half of them will be able to achieve a degree in four years, and 28 percent of them will have to take remedial math and English.

Because of these deficits, many parents are seeking help for their children so that they can make up for the deficits that they have upon graduating from the public school system. In the past this extra tutoring has been done in the home by an on site tutor. In today’s information age, there is a great demand for online tutoring. These parents are seeking help for their children so that they can meet the demands of passing tests and courses. The ultimate goal is for them to be adequately educated for a competitive job market.

Because the information age is changing so fast, adults also have a demand for ongoing education. It is estimated that only one in five adults in America have the work skills and education to be competitive in the world economy. The speed of change in technology and service to technology will require continuing educational resources. In order to keep up with these changes, we need to develop a desire for life long learning so that we can remain economically viable.

The above discussed needs provide the basis for a home business based on information. Many times after a student completes a college or university course, they realize that they want to learn more. They will then seek a resource for a tutor to continue the learning process. This consulting and teaching can take the form of as many ideas that you can think of including technical writing, photography, home improvements, cooking etc. This training is increasingly becoming an internet phenomenon which provides a grand opportunity for a home based business. This e-learning can include ideas such as professional trainers, tutors, and even designing eline software.

There can be no doubt in any of our minds that the demand for new knowledge will be ever increasing. Every generation will learn more at a younger age than did the generation before them. For those of you that are looking for a nice opportunity to combine information and education in a home based business, this should be more than challenging. May you achieve success in your endeavors.

Word verification for the day:What is the reason we call a gratuity a “tip”?In the past in English pubs it was customary to drop a coin for the benefit of the waiters into a box on the wall. On the box was a little sign that said “to insure promptness”. Later just the initials of the phrase were put on the box–TIP.