Energy Efficient Products and Services

Have you ever taken a look at a home based business in the network marketing or direct sales sector? If the answer is yes, that’s fantastic; you have an idea of what network marketing is all about. The awesome thing about a home based business idea in network marketing is that the cost to start your business and buy into a proven system is minimal. Most home based business ideas in the network marketing sector are pretty much under $1000.00 and most are $500 or less. Now we come to the success rate of people who start businesses in the network marketing sector for under $1000. What I have noticed is that when you have not mortgaged your home and entered into a major contract with another company somehow the urgency of owning the home based business and the drive to succeed seem to diminish. Before we ever get into the various products and services available in the network marketing sector in today’s climate we have to discuss the psyche of the person wanting the freedom they are requesting. I have spoken to so many people who start out with a bang and kind of loose their gusto in 3-5 weeks. Sometimes people will last for about 4-6 months then the fire diminishes. Why is that? Well, I know one thing, if I had 50k or more invested into a home based business idea it would not take 4-6 months before I throw my life savings away.  Although, since many network marketing business are under $1000, most people don’t have enough on the line to take their network marketing home based business ideas seriously enough to succeed.  Let’s assume you have the drive to move past that 4-6 month mark. This seems to be the mark where unsuccessful people stop and successful people continue to push forward.  Now you have to decipher if you are in the right business model for optimal success.

Most network marketing companies have traditionally been in the cosmetic, weight loss and health and wellness sectors. In recent history (the last 15 years) there has also been a big surge of technology home based business ideas also such as cell phone businesses, satellite home based business, Wi-Fi home based businesses and others. Even more recently, in the last five years to be exact, there has been a huge push in the energy efficient products and services industry.  

I get excited when I think about the history already made by the first two residential energy companies to offer their services to consumers by way of the network marketing home based business model.  According to Jim Melloan, project manager of the Inc. 500/5000 project Stream Energy grossed $848,000,000.00 for the year 2009.  This company was founded in 2004 and officially started doing business in March of 2005 in Texas.  Home based business owners are able to start a business with this company for less than $500 and are able to refer their friends and family to save money on their electricity and/or gas bills.  They later expanded to Georgia in 2008 and are now expanding to Pennsylvania. 

Next we have another notable company named Ambit Energy, founded in Texas in 2006; it followed Ignite’s footsteps offering the home based business idea for less than $500 in the Texas market.  It soon expanded to New York in 2007 and Illinois in 2008.  I know because I was part of the excitement!  In 2009 the company had a record 20,369.4 percent growth with revenue at $325,000,000.00!  So with these numbers in the home based business/network marketing sector you would assume there are some winners that are just like you and I, who are making a percentage of that success right?  Of course there are and I witnessed this happen first hand.  For under $500 in both companies, multi-millionaires were created!  There are several thousandaires and many people who have found an additional income that has saved them from foreclosure, replaced car payments, paid for their children’s educations and much more! 

So far I have discussed two companies with astounding numbers reported that concentrate on doing one thing, saving the average family money on their electricity bill.  There’s another trend happening in the energy business.  A new company called America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC has emerged offering a home based business in the same space but with a few tweaks!  For one, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC aka AMA Nation was founded in October 2009.  Peter Jensen, Robert Gries and Scott Turner came together to offer a home based business opportunity in the network marketing sector with the product once again being residential electricity. AMA Nation started out in Connecticut, and then soon expanded to New York City.  Over the last year they have have a lot more territory than the first two.  Currently, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC is the marketing arm for several suppliers which allows them to provide this home based business idea in 8 states for opportunity seekers wishing to concentrate on the residential market which include NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, PA, MD and TX (soon to be 9 with IL)!  So with the astounding numbers posted by Ignite and Ambit in only two and three states respectively, AMA Nation will certainly shock the industry with their three-year numbers.  Now here’s another shocker, by July of 2010 America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC has also allowed their home based business opportunity seekers to acquire business in the commercial sector of energy deregulation as well. Opportunity seekers looking for home based business ideas are also able to do business in 15 states on the large commercial side of energy deregulation.  So when it comes to energy deregulation, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC now has the largest footprint in the industry.  By August of 2010, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC also added over 200 energy efficient products and services to its repertoire allowing home based business owners to also make money in other emerging markets such as solar panels, Led Lighting retrofits and much more.  The most impressive factor in all of this is that you have the income potential of a major franchise in a network marketing business model for less than $225.  So many people are recouping their initial investment within the first week of being self-employed in the energy business. 

My team and I have been getting many ideas about how to build our business from local news happening around the world!  For instance, the article titled All Agua Fria high schools will have solar panels written by AZ on 16, 2011 at 07:30 PM gave us the idea to start calling the schools our children attend to discuss the energy saving options and grants available.  Another article written by discussed how IKEA Aims to Extend Solar Power Trend to Costa Mesa which gave us the idea to start going after department stores and restaurants in the California area.  So with AMA Nation, my team of independent home based business owners and I have found this business model to be much more lucrative because we are able to tap into the entire energy efficient products and services industry. 

For more information on how you can start a home based business in the energy products and services industry contact Tene Williams, the top female income earner with America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC she has teamed up with several leaders in the industry and has helped hundreds of home based business owners see success with her hands on approach to seeing you to and through success without just the ra ra you see with other network marketing companies, but the knowledge and the training to help you close these large commercial projects and the wherewithal to train you where to look for business. Today, she is directing her Pennsylvania team to prepare for a major event happening in PA tomorrow 1/29/20. The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an article this morning letting consumers know that there will be a 1-day electricity bazaar to aid power-shoppers… and PECO will be on hand from noon to 6 pm near the food court at the Pavilion at King of Prussia Mall to explain electric deregulation.


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