Discover What It Takes to Be A Success Story in Your Network Marketing Home Based Business

I first got into the Network Marketing industry about a year and a half ago. In fact it was January 2010. In fact it was one New Years resolution which I actually followed through with. When I started my Home Based Business, right away I started to study the Big Shots in the business. You know the six and seven figure yearly earners. To me it seemed pretty obvious that to guarantee my success, all I would need to do is to leverage their knowledge and expertise.

Having been a student of leadership and success for some time now it has allowed me to greatly accelerate my own business success. What I have come to realize over this time is that success in Network Marketing comes down to four important areas. It is the key to becoming a true success story in the Network Marketing community. Here are the four key elements in the Network Marketing success formula.

NUMBER ONE MISSION: You have to have a clear vision and a reason for starting your business in the first place. I remember when I first started out my answer was getting out of debt and having freedom of my precious time. But you know everyone wants that. I guess a better question would be What would you do with your money once you have no more debt, and you have the time freedom? Thats when it is time to start talking about giving back. Both of your money and of your time. If the reason why you started your business is just for you, than chances are you will never realize true success.

NUMBER TWO MINDSET: Trust me on this one. Without the proper mindset, all the marketing skills in the world will not get you anywhere. The secret here is that you have to truly think and act like a successful entrepreneur even before you are actually are successful.

NUMBER THREE MARKETING APPROACH: There are many ways to market your business. Now there is the “Old School Way” and there is the Smart Way. Right from the start I have done things the smart way. And that is the way I teach my clients and students. Now if you have it in your mind that you are going to be a success story in this industry by pushing your business on all your family and friends and everyone you meet on the street. Or inviting people over to your house to sell them on your business. Or worst of all the dreaded cold calling. Now honestly if this is your marketing approach you are in for a lot of hard work, wasted time, and a lot of frustration. Why not do things the smart way? Let technology and the internet do all the hard work for you.

NUMBER FOUR BUSINESS MODEL: Here I am referring to the business model of your Network Marketing company. Now you can have all the aspects in place. But if you are stuck in a company with a bad compensation plan or a not so efficient business model than all your work will be for nothing. You really want to be part of a top tier high end company with a very lucrative compensation plan and ongoing training from the leadership in the company.


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