One of the best things about globalization is telecommuting. Home base businesses are steadily increasing. Thanks to free trade and rapid technological advances. Even those with steady jobs are jumping on the bandwagon, recognizing the potential these businesses as lucrative retirement cash cows. Anyone with a pc and internet connection can successfully set shop. Discover these 6 remarkable ways to make money through home based business:

1. Tap into neglected markets. A friend of mine recently put up a gay website. He noticed that certain non-porn gay websites ranked high in traffic worldwide and yet these sites are comparatively few. By the way, he is not even gay.

2. Join the fray if the market is not saturated. An opportunity is an opportunity, if the demand is big even if there are many players in the field you can still play as long as you have something to offer that is competitive in terms of quality and price.

3. Create a website and regularly update it. A website is a cheap and efficient way to reach out to your customers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. It is an ideal medium to let the market and industry know of your new products and achievements.

4. Keep it simple. You are running a home business, not a conglomerate. If your business reaches a level wherein an office space beckons then decide if you want to go down that road. Until then, keep it simple and keep your operations costs low.

5. Network. Build and nurture relationships with relevant players to your business such as customers, suppliers, distributors and even competitors. Strong relationships generate return business; lower manufacturing and distribution costs. A friendly relationship with competitors can blossom to partnerships or a mutually beneficial exchange of technologies.

6. Never underestimate the power of personal touch. No matter how high-tech this day and age is, nothing beats meeting face to face and sealing the deal with a handshake.